Based in Delaware, USA, NodeNum was born out of a desire to bring high-quality, user friendly dApps to the blockchain space.
We believe that blockchain’s features of transparency, immutability and decentralization represent the future of mobile gaming development and intend to be a part of its mainstream adoption in the coming year.
Partnering with EdenChain provides us scalability and security, thanks to their unique architecture of permissioned blockchain.
As a result, NodeNum develops gambling games with transparent operation and fair probability while remaining fast and secure.
All our games are mobile-friendly, ready for users to enjoy on-the-go.


Mobile friendly

We develop HTML 5-based games that are optimized for both mobile and desktop environments.

Fair and transparent

We bring fairness and transparency to gambling games by integrating blockchain technology into their designs.

Instant Deposit and Withdrawal

Our games interoperate with MoA, a crypto wallet by EdenChain. Users have access to instant crypto deposit, withdraw, and transfer directly from the game user interface. All NodeNum games support multi-currency payment via the Pegasus solution.

High-Quality Design

We create all the visual and sound elements in-house to ensure high-quality products that give players satisfying gaming experiences.