EdenChain is a blockchain platform company.

Transactions occurring in NodeNum games are carried out on the EdenChain mainnet. EdenChain has a technological upper hand in essential areas critical for adoption by enterprises.
First, EdenChain’s platform is a permissioned system that allows only authorized parties to join the node validation. This structure fundamentally protects the network from possible attacks. EdenChain also utilizes E-oracle technology that fortifies the security at the junctions between the off-chain and on-chain data. Together, EdenChain provides reliable security, ensuring consistent/reliable gameplay.
Second, it uses Namespace technology, handling a high volume of transactions in parallel. To increase energy efficiency, EdenChain developed its own Optimal Resource Usage technology. EdenChain provides blockchain platform services optimal for enterprises that are secure, scalable, and cost-efficient.


Integrated wallet for instant withdrawal and deposit.

NodeNum games are fully integrated with MoA letting users pay and play without ever having to leave the game. Do you want to withdraw your massive win?
Do it instantly on your favorite NodeNum games. Would you like to replenish your balance?
Make a deposit directly from our dApps with a few simple clicks. 
All MoA wallets are installed with Pegasus: the multi-currency payment solution. Experience the freedom of using any cryptocurrency of your choice to play your favorite NodeNum games.

Pegasus :

Multi-currency payment solution

Pegasus is EdenChain’s multi-currency payment solution. In essence, Pegasus handles currency exchanges on behalf of users and facilitates a seamless dApp experience.
Powered by Pegasus, MoA gives users the experience of having a private exchange agent available 24/7. For NodeNum, Pegasus opens up the range of user base.
Thanks to the multi-payment solution, our games accept payments in any currency, making them easily accessible to players with any crypto preference.

Dorothy :

A mobile-friendly dApp store

Dorothy is designed with advanced UI/UX that allows users to search, play, and pay for dApps intuitively. It offers an identity service that lets users access their favorite dApps across platforms with a single login.
Through our partnership, you can access NodeNum games with your Dorothy ID and password. NodeNum dApps are listed under the category of “1-Step Sign-in” dApps. Visit Dorothy and enjoy the seamless dApp gaming experience provided by the interplaying of NodeNum, Dorothy, MoA, and Pegasus.